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Do you remember the story of the $400 ZARA jacket? Could this be it?


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Attack of the Clones: Lei Ziman Looi Picard edition

Another Gumtree account? Also listed on craigslist:

Decorative candles (scraping bottom of barrel now, aren’t we?)

Brand New 3 pieces set of Disney Pooh Romper: “Brand new in packaging good as a gift” BUT TAKES OUT FOR PHOTO TAKING. Still brand new or not like that??

Brand New Beautiful Batik Shoulder Bag

Wrought iron candle stick holder

Brand New Disney Baby Minnie Cot Bumper Set: “Brand New, unused” is code for “Very old, in storage, used a few times, never washed”

Brand New Cutie Toddler Rainboots / Boots – price nego !!: Same boots from the other account



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Got shoes?

Sunday night, very boring, but you know how it is.

On craigslist: Branded Baby / Toddler Girl Shoes – Brand New / Preloved Selection – SGD5

Some people have complimented me on my detective skills, but really, I’m just your average kaypoh makcik! Also, while on some days I can’t even remember where I placed my house keys, I can remember shoes that I saw more than SIX months ago. Isn’t it weird how your brain works? I guess some people just leave such an impression…

from 29 April 2012: Shoe-shopping

The now-infamous “identity crisis” blue prewalker shoes (circled above) are not there anymore, but I’m sure you can recognise a few others. Too much of a coincidence to be from a different seller, right? Right? *nods*

Also on gumtree: Branded Baby/ Toddler Girl Shoes – Clarks, Pediped, Disney Baby

And more from the Lei Ziman/Looi Picard/insert fake ang moh name here on gumtree:

– Diecast Aircraft Model Display
– Olympus Camera (5 MP?? What a joke…)
– Brand New Authentic Harley Davidson Baby Romper
– Brand New LifeRacer Thermal Suit (brand new? SURE OR NOT)
– Brand New Toddler Swimsuits

More gumtree accounts. You can find these listings on craigslist as well:

Gumtree account 2
– Cute Toddler Winter Boots – From USA
– Ladies’ handbags ”
“Brand new. no defects
Not available in Singapore
Meant as a present but receiver already blessed with another Pushwalker
Box torn when taken out for photo taking. Probably can tape it back. Legs of the push walker can be removed / locked (in box not assembled yet )”

–> have heard that story before! Back during Melody-gate, a mummy bought an Avent warmer that was advertised as new, but when she picked it up it did not look new and Ziman claimed that her daughter had torn up the box. Blablabla…

Gumtree account 3
– GUESS, LV bags
– Brand New Philips National Ladies Epilator (not Philips, and is 2003 model. Don’t be deceived by the bubblewrap!)
Taiyo Induction Cooker: Ziman listed one way back in Jan 2011 (Yes, moi has her original gumtree listings, and more!)

If you look REALLLLLLLY closely, you’ll see the pot that is supposedly included in the sale in 2011 listing as well. But you should also notice that the cooker does not look like the same model as ‘advertised’. Heck, if she can pass off a 1.3MP camera as 7 MP (which really only came out in 2004), one can only guess what “Brand New sealed in Box comes with unfilled warranty card inside” means. Clueless or conniving, calculative and/or shrewd? LIAR, more like it.

OK, now we sit and wait, OK? Have a great week ahead! I have a big scam update in the works but the mood not there yet.

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Ruth Sim is still at it!

Seriously. Either the police is not doing their job, or someone has balls of steel!

Ruth Sim –> Fashionintaz Replica
Hong Gadget –> Myumi Importer

Both selling electronic goods such as iPhone 5, digital video camcorders and Android tablets. Namely, items that people would be very interested in.

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Formula milk scam – Ng Meihui HP: 9761XXXX / 9686XXXX / 9730XXXX

Yet another scam on Singapore Motherhood Forums, this time over bulk purchase of milk formula. As of today, 24 mums have come forward, with more than 20 police reports made and the amount totalling to close to $21000!

Apparently quite a number of people have purchased FM from her and received their purchases safely from as far back as 2010, but it was only recently that she went MIA. It seems she got into some financial difficulties lately, trying to borrow money from her customers. However, some mums shared that her child attends an ‘atas’ CC and that she has a helper at home, so she do not appear to be financially tight. However, we know that appearances can be very deceiving..right?

Good luck to the mums, hope that the authorities find Meihui soon and take action against her! If you are also a victim, please fall in to the discussion thread on SMH and file your report!

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Part 4: Loewe Sim is now King Sim

King Sim

Photos of Longchamp bags from another (unrelated) Facebook seller (Tweenie Kids) being used by Loewe Sim.
“Please do not scam using my photos!” (so…scam using other people’s photos? haha…ok jk)

Hong Gadget is now Khan Gadget

Same stuff being sold. Exactly how many accounts and aliases does this person have?? How much has been lost??


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Part 3: Loewe Sim/Ruth Sim/Hong Gadget/Sumiko Gadget/Itsumi Gadget/Kida Gadget Facebook scam

The Loewe Sim case in TNP today: Seller on Facebook is a cheat, netizens allege

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Part 2: Loewe Sim/Ruth Sim/Hong Gadget/Sumiko Gadget/Itsumi Gadget/Kida Gadget Facebook scam

Loewe Sim is still active online, he just updated his Facebook ACCOUNTS earlier today

Kida Gadgets, formerly known as Itsumi Gadgets ( selling the same items, and also updated around the same time as Loewe Sim.

Yeul Fazhion (, updated just hours ago. Selling the same items as Loewe Sim/Kida Gadgets. Is this a syndicate?

Another Facebook seller was also scammed by him, back when he was known as Fashionintaz Replica.

Loewe Sim is actively deleting comments from his Facebook:

Taken last Thurs 27 Sept

Taken Mon 1 Oct (today)

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Loewe Sim/Ruth Sim/Hong Gadget/Sumiko Gadget Facebook scam

This was circulating on Facebook earlier this week:

Hi All,

DO NOT buy anything from the seller holding bank account no. 073-27352-8.


This happen on myself on 02 Sept 12, I’ve ordered a luggage from Hong Gadget. Till now I still haven’t received the item and I’m blocked from his/her FB right after payment was done. After few of my friends trying to help me to PM him/her, my friends was blocked as well and he/her change her FB name to Sumiko Gadget.

We spread the picture around and today we found out that he/her created another FB account to con buyers. I add Loewe Sim as friend after I suspect he/she is Hong/Sumiko Gadget coz all the pictures of the items are 100% similar from Hong/Sumiko Gadget. Immediately he blocked me. So I ask my friend (which is already in his new FB account) to purchase an item and ask for bank account number for payment.

And confirm that he is the same person who con me. I have already made a police report, I hope those who have conned by him/her will also make a police report and have this person nab!

Loewe Sim’s Facebook URL (still active, and seems to be deleting comments left by others warning about the scam):

Taken at 6.00PM today

Does Missy Celine know Loewe? Quote: “Online purchase is at own risk whether or not we get what we see and there is no guarantee for online purchase!”

I don’t know about you, but online shopping is NOT supposed to risky and you should get what you see.

Loewe Sim = Ruth Sim

Loewe Sim = Ruth Sim = Fashionintaz Replica (from Loewe Sim’s Facebook ‘About’ page)

Post from another Facebook seller about Fashionintaz Replica

The list of things that Loewe Sim is selling:
– Longchamp bags
– furniture e.g. kids’ sofa set, storage sofas
– electrical gadgets e.g. Airfryer, digital cameras, Polaroid cameras
– Hello Kitty items
– iPhone 4S and cases
– LV replicas (com’on, an LV Damier Ebene canvas Keepall Greenwich for $68??! I’m sure this is against the law!)
– children’s toys

Please contact the OP (see Facebook post) if you were a victim too or if you have more details. The Police are slow to act, and the bank will not release the account holder’s details without a police warrant. Loewe Sim is still actively selling, and appears to have been at it for a while now (since July?). He goes to great extent to change his Facebook name (although not the ID) and to block all his victims. SCAMMER OR NOT??

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The $40 Fisher Price Hippo Pushwalker and ride on

Remember this toy?

Is it Lei Ziman’s, I don’t know. But what I do know is the poster

1) has reduced the price
2) changed the item description to mention that the blocks are included (maybe s/he reads the blog?)
3) listed the same item TWICE, using different photos. Why ah? Very weird, right?

Also being listed on Locanto

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