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Prada and Chanel scammer at large:

Branded bags scammer found on SMH forums:

smh prada chanel scammer

Last known email address (still being used actively on other sites):

POSB Savings acc no: POSB savings account 228-29019-0 (228 is POSB Raffles Quay)

Birthdate: 17/2/1983?
Address: Choa Chu Kang?

If you are a victim, please file a police report and use this report number to consolidate: E/20140102/2087. If you have already made a report, update your IO accordingly. Usually the police will only take action when there is ‘critical mass’.

One of the (removed) listings on SMH:
smh prada chanel scammer2

More warnings:
Do not buy from

“Active” listings (IDs associated with Sharon Chan/Sobacoke/cat051):



Authentic Prada Bag

wts authentic Chanel bag CNY promo

authentic Hermes wallet $389(New year+CNY promo)

User ‘SobaCoke” from Hardwarezone BANNED (for spamming?) (but can read previous posts here) –> need to be logged in to view

smh prada chanel scammer sobacoke3

On Hardwarezone:

Full time work from home($2.5k salary monthly)

smh prada chanel scammer3 sobacoke

PS4 we are selling at $450 for xmas season(preorder) local set with local warranty

Biodata on Kiasuparents:

smh prada chanel scammer sobacoke2


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Formula milk scam – Ng Meihui: Case “concluded”

Received an email yesterday, regarding the Ng Meihui formula milk scam. According to the sender “Milk Refunds”:

“Please be informed that appropriate action including full refunds have already been made to all affected mothers last year and the case has also been investigated and concluded by the police. Hence, I would like to seek your help to remove the blog post as well as any other relevant threads.”

milk refunds

I guess since all the buyers have been refunded, case closed already, lah. Did Meihui really mean to cheat her buyers, or was it just an “honest mistake, let’s move on” kind of thing?

In any case, I will not remove the original post as this blog is meant to serve as a precaution to online buyers, but I will remove some details.

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Formula milk scam – Ng Meihui HP: 9761XXXX / 9686XXXX / 9730XXXX

Yet another scam on Singapore Motherhood Forums, this time over bulk purchase of milk formula. As of today, 24 mums have come forward, with more than 20 police reports made and the amount totalling to close to $21000!

Apparently quite a number of people have purchased FM from her and received their purchases safely from as far back as 2010, but it was only recently that she went MIA. It seems she got into some financial difficulties lately, trying to borrow money from her customers. However, some mums shared that her child attends an ‘atas’ CC and that she has a helper at home, so she do not appear to be financially tight. However, we know that appearances can be very deceiving..right?

Good luck to the mums, hope that the authorities find Meihui soon and take action against her! If you are also a victim, please fall in to the discussion thread on SMH and file your report!

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Update on the Neocubegifts / Cynthia K / noelpauline scam

Follow-up to this and this

These are the confirmed online aliases of Cynthia, also known as Pauline Ong.
– Cynthia
– noelpauline
– bagagreatdeal
– babysim1982
– bagspree
– Lelebabyland

As of today, the list of victims stands at 241 and a total of almost $55000 was scammed. Pauline has refunded about $47k so far, but she has also missed the deadline that she had set earlier to refund all her victims by. As if things were not bad enough, along the way she made some errors with the refunds by transferring more than the amount required into the wrong accounts and had to trouble the account holders to pass the money on to other. One person reportedly received double of what she was supposed to get, and then vanished.

Adding on to the frustrations, there was a lot of unhappiness at the start of the saga because some of the victims felt that she should make the refunds based on whose orders she took first, but by then the queue had already started and there were too many people involved. There were also threats about making a police report, but others voiced out that it would jeopardise their chance to get their money back so in the end, everyone just had to diam-diam and take it.

While I’m not one of her victims, it does not change the fact that Pauline Ong is a scammer. She would come to the forum and gripe about all the inconvenience she had to put up with, her long work hours, prank calls cursing her family…it made me feel like she was just sorry that she got caught. dare you complain when you are not the victim!

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Yahoo News: Woman cheats 230 buyers of S$52,000 in online forum scam

On Yahoo News: Woman cheats 230 buyers of S$52,000 in online forum scam

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Neocubegifts / Cynthia K / noelpauline scam

If anyone has purchased any Coach/Kate Spade/Longchamp items from this user ‘Cynthia K’ or ‘noelpauline’ anywhere online, or purchased from her store Neocubegifts on Gmarket or Qoo10 you’ve been scammed!

To date, 229 people have come forward, with a staggering grand total of $51k involved! She’s agreed to refund the money, and I believe that’s why many of her victims are willing to wait rather than make a police report because if that happens, it’s not likely that they will see their money back (re: RWS scam).

I’m posting this for the benefit of her other victims who may be in the dark about this turn of events.

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Close Encounters of the Ziman kind

Oh boy, have I got a juicy one for y’all today…I’d like to thank Mummy C for sharing her close encounter with Ziman with us!

A while back, Mummy C responded to a garage sale listing for baby items on craigslist. I believe it is this listing, back in June:

C went to Ziman’s place at Pacific Mansions and purchased quite a number of items from her…here is C’s story!

“Condition of the items that I’ve gotten are so-so, those things that she said are new, looks new to me, the mothercare cotton buds is not opened, but the outside cover quite dusty like kept for some time. The Nuk bottles she said are new, but they are not in box and not wrapped, so I based it on her words and trusted her that they are new. The Goldbug head positioner she sold it to me for $35 initially, then lowered to $30. Last week at Isetan, found out that it was priced at $32! Might as well buy from dept stores.

Her “mom” (yes, it should be her mom) was there with her throughout the buying-selling period and even helped her to keep the stuff that I took out to see & didn’t want to buy. There were 2 big bags of baby stuff, others include:

– 2 diff design cot bumpers, 1 new from Baby Kingdom but got slight tear so didn’t buy, 1 preloved from Aussino (this one?)
– 2 fitted sheets
– lots of milk bottles, Nuk, Dr Browns, and some odd brands which I don’t know are from, asked her why so many diff brands, she said bought to try just in case her daughter not used to one type.
– 1 bn Farlin bath mat, box also quite dusty,
– a few pregnancy books, 1 of them dummy guide to pregnancy
a preloved bath net
a black coloured baby cot which she said bought from france, wanted to sell to me for $100, but the paint work was peeling and the whole cot looks very dusty and the wood doesn’t look like solid wood to me, some more it’s black! (too many cot listings to link to)
– a jane activa high chair selling for $250

There were really lots lots of baby stuff in that house, toys were everywhere in the house, there was a room that looks like a storeroom cos she placed a lot of baby walkers and baby furnitures in there. She said I went too late so the better stuff were already sold to other mummies.”

After the garage sale, C replied to another listing for a bundle of baby clothes, and received a reply from Lee Ann Edwards, who went MIA shortly after. Then about two weeks ago, she received an SMS from Anna about baby clothes.

Email from Lee Ann/Ziman about this baby clothes bundle.

Fortunately for C, there was no follow-up till she saw the posts on SMH and realised that she too, had been Ziman-ed! She ‘confronted’ Ziman and this was her reply (from 96420559):

“The items that I’ve sold r not FREE stuff from others. yes, we r moving. that’s my parents place n we don’t live there. feel free to do what u wish but get ur facts right b4 u base ur accusations on hearsays.all the money from sales goes to my church all these while. We will too take action against anyone who goes too far. I will too go to the police if u continue to harress me.”

C asked for proof from the church, and Ziman replied:

“Yes of course. I too have proof of what I have done so far. I choose to ignore those bad mouthers online cos I don’t see a point in defending myself as no one will listen anyway (actually I’m quite sure there will a lot of people who are willing to listen) so feel free to do or say what u wish but I too will take legal action against anyone who crosses the line. The truth will be out and I’m not going to be the one who will end up in trouble.”

Err, sorry to burst your bubble Ziman but THE TRUTH IS ALREADY OUT, LAH.

C’s encounter with Ziman is very unique because she got to ‘meet’ Anna C, Lee Ann and Ziman (and Ziman’s mummy) herself in person, really up close and personal.

Anyways, to weigh in on the recent events, whether Ziman is still scamming (e.g. the free swing morphing into a $120 Graco swing) is unclear but we know this for sure: she is a LIAR. And all her lies are catching up with her.


Lee Ann Edwards strikes again! (Or is it the first time?)

UPDATE: We have confirmation that the gumtree Graco swing listing is by Lee Ann Edwards. Buyer requested to see actual pic of item and Lee Ann replied:

“It’s exactly the same as the one shown in the picture.

Yes comes with the toys too.

I’m actually selling / posting this on behalf of my cousin

If you are keen to view I can get her to be in touch with you because the swing is at her place still.

Please leave your contact details behind and I will get her to text you the address if you are still keen.

Lee Ann”

What’s this cousin’s name? Anna C? Paris P? Zzz.

After this afternoon’s update, I received an email from mummy T. She said that Ziman had collected a swing (given for free) from her last week. She thought that the lady who came to collect looked familiar, and checked the lady’s hp number on the blog and it was different. But as it turns out, Lee Ann Edwards/Lei Ziman has a new number!

New Ziman ‘hotline’: 96582992

This is the swing that T had offered:

In one of the emails, Ziman claimed to have a six month old daughter (her daughter just turned one in June)

Ziman went all the way to the west to collect the item, and that she came wearing a cap. She told Mummy T that her friend (*cough* HUSBAND *cough*) had driven her there and that she was going to take the train back (yeah, right!).

The swing was taken last week, and a few days ago, Ziman put this up for sale

Coincidence? I THINK NOT. I think this is just the tip of yet another iceberg…OK, off to update the folks at SMH now!


RWS scam update: Sharifah arrested!

From Today Online:Unauthorised RWS packages: Woman involved arrested

From ST Interactive (in the Home section of the print edition):

Woman arrested over RWS package scam
She is said to be business partner of the online seller
By Tham Yuen-C

POLICE arrested a woman yesterday in connection with an online scam offering Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) packages cheaply.

The 32-year-old was the alleged business partner of a woman called ‘AzilCyan’ online.

AzilCyan had offered the deals on the Singapore Motherhood forum on April 6 and June 6.

But when problems cropped up last weekend and some customers were unable to claim their hotel stays, she sent them a text message saying her business partner had made off with the money.

A police spokesman confirmed yesterday that reports were made and investigations were ongoing.

More victims emerged yesterday, bringing the total lost in the dodgy deals to over $95,000.

With prices as low as $400 for a one-night hotel stay, and Universal Studios tickets thrown in, the deals got many interested.

Some had already claimed their stays, and even left positive testimonials on the online forum.

But now, more than 112 who had bought the prepaid packages might not get to claim their stays.

Last week, some who had bought the packages found the rooms they were promised had not been paid for. Others, like accountant Sharon Lee, had to pay for the room first, then get a refund from the business partner.

When the business partner came, she said she was authorised to sell rooms on RWS’ behalf. But on Tuesday, an RWS spokesman said this was not true.

On Monday, AzilCyan sent a long message to some customers, saying she herself had been cheated by her business partner.

On Tuesday, Singapore Motherhood’s founder Ng Chin Leng said that when AzilCyan wanted to list the offer on the forum a second time, he was wary. ‘We were a bit concerned… but many participants in the first round… said they had no problems.’

AzilCyan was not in when The Straits Times went to her home yesterday. Calls to her phone were not picked up. The business partner is said to be out on bail.

Ms Lee, who lost about $400, said: ‘I am not pinning too much hope on getting the money back.’

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More RWS scam news

More RWS scam news: 130 allegedly cheated in RWS hotel stay scam

Most of the comments are pretty dumb. zzz. Anyhow shoot only.

I peeked into the consolidated spreadsheet a few minutes ago and the total was over $100k.

Word is, Sharifah the business partner had been arrested and is out on bail. There appears to be some indecision over the involvement of Cyan/Siti, whether she should be held accountable for the missing money, but one thing for sure, she should not simply shrug off any responsibility for this whole brouhaha, because she was, after all, the only person most of those affected had been dealing with.

I wish all those affected good luck and all the best! Moral support moral support!

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