So I supposed after the Sophie brouhaha on Gumtree and Craigslist, our protagonist has to look for new hunting grounds. And she’s been spotted, lurking in those closed Facebook groups selling children’s items.

I was googling online for Picard Looi and found this. This person claimed to want to take and buy everything I was selling and giving away free from a closed Facebook group Kids R Us. I am paying it forward by selling heaps of nearly brand new stuff at 20% of RRP and giving away a heap of toys and kids stuff that are mediocre condition when this Picard Looi (96420559) wants to get all the free stuff and buy the rest after bargaining for even cheaper price (brand new stuff).
I think this person goes around getting free stuff and resell them. Terrible!

Sounds exactly like her MO, I suppose old habits die hard.


looipicardFBgroup2Just to show the timestamp on the posting.

HP NUMBER NEVER CHANGE AH. So can confirm, chop all 10 toes and 10 fingers that Sophie = Looi Picard = Lei Ziman.

I think it’s time for STOMP. Don’t you?

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