Buyer beware

Whole lot of ladies wear and ladies shoes / heels – $150

lei ziman looi picard 96420559 clothes shoes lot

Back before she got exposed, she was already selling used office wear claiming some made-up story about having worked in a law office etc etc (see pg 15 of the original Ziman Effect)

In Sept 2013, someone reported about being duped with a bag of worn out no brand clothes by someone using the same phone number 96420559 at River Valley area (too coincidental, right?)

The pair of red heels in one of the pictures in the listing is the same pair from here “The $15 Brand New Shoes”, which, as evident from the picture, is nowhere near ‘brand new’. Neither are they from Hush Puppies, don’t let the box fool you!

Latest listing:
lei ziman looi picard 96420559 fake red shoes scam

Same shoes from old listing (dated July 2012):
lei ziman brand new shoes

QUOTE “3 pairs with shoe box is brand new – hush puppies , Pazzion and Charles n Keith”. Those shoes were “brand new” in 2012, and still “brand new” in 2014. Also can transform some ulu shoe brand “BC” into “Hush Puppies”. Her special effects are better than Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson put together…

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