Formula milk scam – Ng Meihui HP: 9761XXXX / 9686XXXX / 9730XXXX

Yet another scam on Singapore Motherhood Forums, this time over bulk purchase of milk formula. As of today, 24 mums have come forward, with more than 20 police reports made and the amount totalling to close to $21000!

Apparently quite a number of people have purchased FM from her and received their purchases safely from as far back as 2010, but it was only recently that she went MIA. It seems she got into some financial difficulties lately, trying to borrow money from her customers. However, some mums shared that her child attends an ‘atas’ CC and that she has a helper at home, so she do not appear to be financially tight. However, we know that appearances can be very deceiving..right?

Good luck to the mums, hope that the authorities find Meihui soon and take action against her! If you are also a victim, please fall in to the discussion thread on SMH and file your report!

  1. Formula milk scam – Ng Meihui: Case “concluded” « The Ziman Effect

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