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Welcome, everyone! You all know why you’re here, so… If you’ve just joined us, the Google doc would be a great place to start:

The Google doc has been ‘upsized’ in Sept’11This is the link to the original document, with updates till 12/4:The Ziman Effect

Or check out the About tabs above to get the gist of the story 🙂

And the rest, as they say, is history.


Sophie’s Neighbour and the rags

looi picard lei ziman sophie winter rags

From someone who was scammed earlier this year. Miss P, if you are reading this, please get in touch!

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“Malicious and defamatory”


Orh somebody deleted her comments liao lor. And she also left the Facebook group. Off to new hunting grounds! But don’t worry, she’s still on Facebook!


Oh wait maybe I got blocked on FB. Ha! It’s OK, wait for story on STOMP to come out.

looi picard kids r us 2

looi picard lei ziman

From the WordPress Support forums

looi picard kids r us

She deleted the posting with her phone number today.

Which means…all the info here is correct? #justsaying

, ,

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So I supposed after the Sophie brouhaha on Gumtree and Craigslist, our protagonist has to look for new hunting grounds. And she’s been spotted, lurking in those closed Facebook groups selling children’s items.

I was googling online for Picard Looi and found this. This person claimed to want to take and buy everything I was selling and giving away free from a closed Facebook group Kids R Us. I am paying it forward by selling heaps of nearly brand new stuff at 20% of RRP and giving away a heap of toys and kids stuff that are mediocre condition when this Picard Looi (96420559) wants to get all the free stuff and buy the rest after bargaining for even cheaper price (brand new stuff).
I think this person goes around getting free stuff and resell them. Terrible!

Sounds exactly like her MO, I suppose old habits die hard.


looipicardFBgroup2Just to show the timestamp on the posting.

HP NUMBER NEVER CHANGE AH. So can confirm, chop all 10 toes and 10 fingers that Sophie = Looi Picard = Lei Ziman.

I think it’s time for STOMP. Don’t you?

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“Sophie” from 100 Robertson Quay

It was a slow start to the week, when I received an email from SW. Here is her story: SW responded to a listing for  new Pediped shoes on craigslist. In the listing, the seller, ‘Sophie’ offered FREE courier delivery. So SW transferred $45 to ‘Sophie’s POSB account 207-13366-3. Lei Ziman Looi Picard Lindy Sophie Craigslist pedipedThe listing on craigslist that SW responded to.

Two weeks later, and SW has not received her package. In the meantime, ‘Sophie’ was not replying to her mails. When she finally did, ‘Sophie’ claimed she had been unable to check her email (‘coz apparently Europe no internet) and that she called the post office to check but since it was sent via normal post, they were unable to track it. She said that her HUSBAND did not write a return address and that the package may be lost due to incorrect address.

Lei Ziman Looi Picard Sophie email1

As you can imagine, SW was incensed! How can the seller be so irresponsible? She was promised courier delivery! If she had known that ‘Sophie’ was going to use Singpost, she would have at least insisted on registered mail! Since it looks highly unlikely that SW would receive her shoes, she requested for a refund. ‘Sophie’s’ reply was:

Lei Ziman Looi Picard Sophie email2

‘Sophie’ claimed that Ta-Q-Bin was not able to pick up the package from her husband on time,  (SW: “She don’t have hands and legs ah?”) so he used Singpost instead. The post office did not ask for her husband to use registered post, and that they did not put a return address. I don’t know about you guys, but when I send packages at the post office, the staff  will always ask if you want to send through registered mail, and most of the time will tell you to write a return address on your package. Yes, OK, Singpost has a shoddy track record when it comes to lost mail but they got cover their backside, OK? Also, you can drop off Ta-Q-Bin packages at 7-11. OPEN 24-7…hellloooooooo So SW insisted on her refund, and her emails went unanswered thereafter, even after threatening legal action. Angry, SW posted on craigslist about her encounter, and received some responses:

Lei Ziman Looi Picard Lindy Sophie 207-13366-3

Lei Ziman Looi Picard Sophie email1 educated

‘Sophie’ should be very flattered that someone commented that she “sounds educated”.

Lei Ziman Looi Picard Sophie email3

Later, SW chanced upon a very similar listing for the Pediped shoes on Gumtree. SW posed as an interested buyer for one of the other items, a wind surfing harness.

Lei Ziman Looi Picard Gumtree Pediped

This listing for Pediped shoes on Gumtree was similar to the one that SW had responded to on craigslist. FREE DELIVERY / COURIER / REGISTERED MAIL LEH

Lei Ziman Looi Picard Sophie listings3

SW offered $150 for the harness. ‘Lindy’ replied and said that they would only be back from Europe late June. (Read messages from bottom up)

Lei Ziman Looi Picard Lindy windsurfing harness 96420559

When ‘Lindy’ returned from her trip, she tried to contact SW through Gumtree and SMSes to close the deal ASAP.

Lei Ziman Looi Picard Lindy windsurfing harness2 96420559

Can you sense the desperation? Can see the dollar signs in her eyes, liao.

Lei Ziman Looi Picard gumtree windsurfing sms

 ‘Other keen buyers’. The MO very familiar, hor.

96420559? 96420559? Eh, that number very familiar, right?? RIGHT? *dun dun duuuuunnn* Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we now have confirmation that ‘Lindy’ is likely to be Lei Ziman / Looi Picard! So, who’s ‘Sophie’? Since both ‘Lindy’ and ‘Sophie’ had the same listing for the Pediped shoes, we can assume that Sophie = Lindy. And Lindy’s handphone number is 96420559, so Sophie = Lindy = Looi Picard = Lei Ziman (actually the equation can be expanded to include Anna. C, Melody Lei, Lee Ann Edwards….and sooooo many more! ). To double confirm, one of the responses that SW received when she posted her encounter on craigslist was from another mummy, mt,  who purchased an incomplete Fisher Price ball drop toy for $55 from the same seller (same bank account number POSB Savings 207-13366-3). The address was also 100 Robertson Quay and the number given to her was 96420559 and 90163105. This mummy actually left a comment on the blog back in June. In addition, 100 Robertson Quay is just down the road (6 minutes walk) from 32 Pacific Mansions.

lei ziman looi picard pacific mansions 100 robertson quay map


Aiyoh, everytime also change name. HOW TO KEEP TRACK LIDDAT.

When SW didn’t reply to the messages, ‘Lindy’ sent one more message 4 days later:

Lei Ziman Looi Picard Sophie gumtree windsurfing harness 2

“Hi my friend just passed me a brand new piece of windsurfing harness size small today” —> OH RLY

$150 leh! LEH!! Of course won’t let go so easily, right?

Once SW confirmed that ‘Sophie’/’Lindy’ is Lei Ziman, she lodged a police report. She  also sent Lei Ziman an email, telling her that she knows who she is and that she’s made a report. The Gumtree listings were removed shortly after.

Total scam hoot = 45 + 55 + 80 + 35 = $215


Lei Ziman Looi Picard Gumtree ELC toys

Other items ‘Lindy’ / ‘Sophie’ had for sale on Gumtree. Brand new? With Packaging? But yet ‘good clean condition’. If brand new, must be brand new condition, rigghhhttt???

Two police reports have since been lodged, one by SW (D/20140705/2074) and another by mt G/20140306/2159. Well, these are the only two that I know about, anyways 🙂

But seriously guys, it’s been 3 1/2 years since Lei Ziman was ‘exposed’ as a scammer, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to stop scamming anytime soon. Both SW and mt have made police reports against her, but the best recourse is still awareness that Lei Ziman / Looi Picard is still active. So please share this post, let’s get the word around especially to family and friends who frequently purchase items on craigslist and Gumtree. Don’t let this opportunist scumbag scammer prey on more unsuspecting victims and cheat them out of their hard-earned money!



, ,

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Another SQ girl scammer

Chanced upon this thread on HWZ discussing an article about a former SQ stewardess who scammed $50k on branded goods.



Images with thanks to user cyberpolice on Hardwarezone forums.

Apparently this case was from 2013!

Prive Porter: Serene Zhao aka Yuniquely Concierge


Not sure why suddenly appear in the papers? Any cares to help translate?

In case you’re wondering the significance…our dear Lei Ziman Looi Picard Mrs David Picard was also a former cabin crew with our Singapore flag carrier…

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Prada and Chanel scammer at large: martininterior@rocketmail.com

Branded bags scammer found on SMH forums:

smh prada chanel scammer

Last known email address (still being used actively on other sites): martininterior@rocketmail.com

POSB Savings acc no: POSB savings account 228-29019-0 (228 is POSB Raffles Quay)

Birthdate: 17/2/1983?
Address: Choa Chu Kang?

If you are a victim, please file a police report and use this report number to consolidate: E/20140102/2087. If you have already made a report, update your IO accordingly. Usually the police will only take action when there is ‘critical mass’.

One of the (removed) listings on SMH:
smh prada chanel scammer2

More warnings:
Do not buy from martininterior@rocketmail.com

“Active” listings (IDs associated with martininterior@rocketmail.com: Sharon Chan/Sobacoke/cat051):



Authentic Prada Bag

wts authentic Chanel bag CNY promo

authentic Hermes wallet $389(New year+CNY promo)

User ‘SobaCoke” from Hardwarezone BANNED (for spamming?) (but can read previous posts here) –> need to be logged in to view

smh prada chanel scammer sobacoke3

On Hardwarezone:

Full time work from home($2.5k salary monthly)

smh prada chanel scammer3 sobacoke

PS4 we are selling at $450 for xmas season(preorder) local set with local warranty

Biodata on Kiasuparents:

smh prada chanel scammer sobacoke2

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Buyer beware

Whole lot of ladies wear and ladies shoes / heels – $150

lei ziman looi picard 96420559 clothes shoes lot

Back before she got exposed, she was already selling used office wear claiming some made-up story about having worked in a law office etc etc (see pg 15 of the original Ziman Effect)

In Sept 2013, someone reported about being duped with a bag of worn out no brand clothes by someone using the same phone number 96420559 at River Valley area (too coincidental, right?)

The pair of red heels in one of the pictures in the listing is the same pair from here “The $15 Brand New Shoes”, which, as evident from the picture, is nowhere near ‘brand new’. Neither are they from Hush Puppies, don’t let the box fool you!

Latest listing:
lei ziman looi picard 96420559 fake red shoes scam

Same shoes from old listing (dated July 2012):
lei ziman brand new shoes

QUOTE “3 pairs with shoe box is brand new – hush puppies , Pazzion and Charles n Keith”. Those shoes were “brand new” in 2012, and still “brand new” in 2014. Also can transform some ulu shoe brand “BC” into “Hush Puppies”. Her special effects are better than Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson put together…

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Happy 2014!

New year, new resolutions…same old shit (pardonnez mon français)

Branded Girls Shoes – $10

lei ziman looi picard branded shoes 2014

lei ziman looi picard 2014 shoes 2
(Nice collage right? Ziman don’t steal for your sales post, hor)

– Branded? âś”
– Bundle pricing? âś”
– “Excellent” condition? âś”
– From “states and Europe”? âś”

In addition to typos and bad grammar all around. sheesh. Connection here

Also from her:
Brand New Mammut Kids Bed – $300

Selling for $259, yet “bought last month at 329 sgd”

lei ziman looi picard mammut ikea scam

Same “winter boots” from post above (dunno appear how many times liao)

Back in Sept, someone left this comment on the blog

lei ziman looi picard YL comment

YL, I know that it was a few months ago but I would like to know if there was any closure? The MO sure sounds familiar..reply my email leh! Heeheehee…

Take care everyone 🙂 deal wisely and safely!


Hello again (and the Sheikh Ridhuan Saga)


Did you miss me? Did ya? Did ya?? Sorry for the disappearing act…things have been insane around here, and nothing much to blog about. I know Lei Ziman is still happily selling on craigslist and gumtree, just wanna say to all prospective buyers to be careful~

Anyways, another ‘hot’ scammer saga hitting the intranets…don’t you just LOVE IT when the scammer plays the victim card? This guy’s drama even more twists and turns than a soap opera! Suicide, usual call-lawyer-to-sue, public humiliation, sister don’t want to go school, family disown, grandmother crying…..clearly some people have issues. Sheikh Ridhuan makes Ziman’s wannabe-expat-fake-lawyer spiel look amateurish!

Misueki did a lovely write-up here, go read! (GOT FAQ SOMEMORE, OK): The Sheikh Ridhuan Saga

An excerpt from his SMS-es (in case you’re wondering if you should read the post)

“Umm do I care? Go to my family and suffer d consequences, what goes around comes around! So what if I pay you back? Will it make my life any better? Report to police or small tribunal or even come to my house was a better option, unlike u I’m not going to ruin ur life. Here i’ll ruin mine n let’s see how happy n shiok u’ll feel. U know what shame is? Its not what i did its what you did, everyone has their problems and shouldn’t be selfish you bring a life back? Can i pay you back if you do this and i can’t get any clients or jobs outside? so i pay you back with my life, fair right?”

“…Any more post about it anywhere n i’ll make sure i sue every single penny u and ur family have, i’ll take even your house. I didn’t even ask for a public apology from u, ur heroism made my mother, grandma n sister cry, n my relatives r ashamed as well.”

Wah his “lawyer” must be very good.

Anyways, a shout-out to Cass, jia you! The only thing that scam victims like you and I and countless of others out there did wrong was to be too trusting and naive. And that’s not a crime. There is also nothing wrong with going public, esp after chances were given. In fact, you kinda owe it to everyone out there to raise awareness about this scumbag, lest other people get taken in by him. So, YOU GO, GIRL!


Formula milk scam – Ng Meihui: Case “concluded”

Received an email yesterday, regarding the Ng Meihui formula milk scam. According to the sender “Milk Refunds”:

“Please be informed that appropriate action including full refunds have already been made to all affected mothers last year and the case has also been investigated and concluded by the police. Hence, I would like to seek your help to remove the blog post as well as any other relevant threads.”

milk refunds

I guess since all the buyers have been refunded, case closed already, lah. Did Meihui really mean to cheat her buyers, or was it just an “honest mistake, let’s move on” kind of thing?

In any case, I will not remove the original post as this blog is meant to serve as a precaution to online buyers, but I will remove some details.

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